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The Import Regulation You Need to Know

The Import Regulation
Shipping Destination ports

Your vehicle destination port will be Nassau (Bahamas)

Steering Handle

Right Hand Drive will be delivered to you excluding special vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines.

Age restriction

No vehicle can be import which is more than 7 years old after its first registration year.

Not more than one year gap between the first registration year of the vehicle and manufactured year.


The vehicle will go through from QISJ inspection for comprehensive roadworthiness inspection

Other Restrictions

One has to buy a marine insurance cover from local insurance company.

(Applicable for vehicles arriving to kenya from January 1st, 2017 on)

Import taxes rates

Railways Development Levy: 1.5% of Custom Value.

Estimated customs Clearance and Transportation costs

Estimated customs clearance and transportation costs


The discounted services are only applicable to Blauda clients only.

Upon request on any services a proforma invoice will be issued for indication of fees.

All the prices mentioned above do not include local taxes and clearing process fees.

All the fees incurred are to be borne by the client.

All the prices mentioned are approximate figures and may vary from time to time due to various reasons such as exchange rates rise and fall and change in fuel prices. In such case please consult the local office for assistance.

Please note custom clearance usually takes 5 – 10 days if all funds and necessary documents are available at least two weeks before the arrival at the port.

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