Own a car in 6 easy steps!

Find Your Desired Car

How to Find Car

Blauda makes it easy for you to find your desired car with its variety of easy to use search functions that filters the collection of cars as per your requirements which makes it easy to select the best car.

Search by Make

If you want to choose from a specific manufacturer click Make and select the desire maker from drop down menu (e.g. Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, etc.). You can also search Make from the header menu.

You can also search by Make from Header Menu, "Search from Stock".

Search by Body Type

If you want a specific body Type search by Body Type,select from drop down menusuch as SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, etc. You can also search Make from the header menu.

Search by Category

You can also search your desired car by the following category:



Year from - Year to , Month from - Month to

Fuel type

Search by Price

If you have already decided your budget you can also search cars by Price range. You can put price in Price From and Price To.

Negotiate / Get Quote / Buy Now

Negotiate / Get Quote / Buy Now

After selecting the vehicle you can take three actions and all of them are totally free:

Get Quote

Negotiate now

Buy Now

Get Quote

To get quote write your inquiry in the comment box and click the send button. (Note: You need to be registered to get quote). You get an email notification once the seller replies to your message.

Negotiate now

Ask for necessary details you like to know, however we recommend you to make sure to get some points straight such as:

Vehicle Price and Incoterms (FOB/C&F/CIF)

Condition of the vehicle

Other relevant costs

Payment Due dates and terms(FOB/C&F/CIF)

Buy Now

To buy stock directly click the buy now button, provide credentials, write your message in comment box and click the send button. (Note: You need to be registered to buy). You get an email notification about your purchase & payment invoice.

Note: To avoid frauds make sure you do not accept anyinvoice with recipient bank account that does not entitled Blauda Corporation.

Place Your Order

Place your Order

Blauda is a team of highly professional people who inspect the car thoroughly. We make sure the actual specifications of the vehicle matches the information provided by the seller/ auction house.

It normally takes 4 – 8 weeks after placing the order to deliver its destination port depending on the shipping schedule. However, we try to ship the vehicle at earliest.

Make Payments

Make Payment

And You Get Your Car

Get Your Car